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FAQ - general

The below questions are for the general queries about CC-GAC Foundation.

Q) What is the belief behind CC-GAC Foundation?
We believe that with 50% of India’s population being under the age of 25 years, it is our moral responsibilities as citizens of India to stop this demographic dividend from becoming a demographic disaster. Therefore, it is important that we channelise and motivate the youth of India to self-believe, think big and thus be productive and contribute to the growing economy. This can only happen if they have the right exposure to make right decision and we at CC-GAC Foundation are determined to provide them an unbiased guidance to help them in their professional development.
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Q) Does CC-GAC Foundation work in India or other countries too?
CC-GAC Foundation is national level development organization with its welfare projects spread across India.
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Q) What is the scenario in India, currently?
India has about 50% of its population under the age of 25 years and At least 47% of Indian youth not on track to have the education and skills necessary for employment in 2030. India has a limited window to harness its human capital and absorb it in the workforce. It is taking longer to move from colleges to workforce. 10 to 12 Million young people enter the job market each year. The time to take collective as well as individual responsibility to remedy the current situation is here. Right now!
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Q) How old is CC-GAC Foundation?
CC-GAC Foundation is established as a Section 8 company under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. Of India in October 2020
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Q) What is the mission of CC-GAC Foundation?
CC-GAC Foundation Mission is to empower the youth of India to be productive and contribute to India’s growing economy by providing them industry exposure, hands-on experience, trainings, etc.
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Q)  Who are the people behind CC-GAC Foundation?
The real struggle of the founder, Tushar Topale to discover his career vision even after graduating as an IT engineer from one of the reputed colleges in Mumbai has led to the inception of CC-GAC Foundation. He doesn’t want any student to face the same ordeal that he has faced and hence has taken up this cause to help empower every student in India to discover their career vision. CC-GAC Foundation is managed professionally by a Board of Advisors from industry and academia, qualified individuals with great academic and professional background.
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Q) Which areas does CC-GAC Foundation work in?
CC-GAC focuses on the professional development of students in India, so as to make them capable to contribute to the economy.
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Q) Why do you stress on professional development of students, when there are other equally pressing issues in the country?
Students/ Youth are the future of any country and we have to build our youth for the future. Our failure to do so will have adverse impact on generations to come and that is the reason why is important to help students to discover their career path, have self-belief, think big, work hard and smart for realisation of their aspiration.
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Q) What is the funding model of CC-GAC?
We use Heartfelt Connector and resource recycler model wherein we are funded by individuals and large corporates respectively.
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FAQ - Individual Donors

The below questions are for the queries commonly raised by our donors.

Q) What information is sent to the donors?
The donor gets an instant acknowledgement mail along with a receipt is sent via e-mail immediately from our payment gateway if the payment is done on our website. If the payment is made via net banking or through cheque the receipt is share within one week of receiving the payment. The donor receives monthly newsletter, programme updates and an annual impact report during a year's time.
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Q) What will CC-GAC do with my donation?
As soon as the donation through cheque or online is reconciled by the bank, the amount is allotted to the IAC-CCPC program. The utilization and results are managed, monitored and audited. The outcome is reflected in the annual impact report, which is shared with the donors.
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Thank You Note: At the outset, we would like to thank you for your intent of the considerate donation. Your receipt would reach you in the email, for you to claim your tax exemptions. Thanks again!